About Us

We are medium size consultants who are experts in the fields of Leadership, organizational assessment & individual and group coaching within the organization. Our group consists of a rich and dynamic mixture of business consultants, scholar practitioners, and academic researchers.
Our focus is to act as a proxy for enforcing human value within the organizations around the world.
Our consultants are fluent in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, and German languages.
We started as part of the Tak Arsh engineering industries in 1994, and expanded the company into many different branches of engineering and leadership. Goalsolutions, is the result of separation of leadership and organizational behavior section in Tak Arsh industries. The company started as an independent entity in July 2010, and is led by individuals who realized the importance of cross cultural and culturally specific knowledge in organizational behavior training in emerging markets.
Our vision–Our founders share the vision of—promoting the importance of the human value and diversity around the world. This vision, especially expands in promotion of the women and marginalized groups in leadership positions in developing and emerging markets.
Our vision is based on many years of research and development in areas of leadership, behavioral assessment within the organizations. Operating in one of the most diverse societies such as the U.S. and the U.A.E, our method is based on the latest leadership development and organizational trends and theories. We help the organizations to recognize the strengths and develop implicit leadership skills between leaders and their employees.

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